Sora AI: Use cases, Its impacts, capabilities & it’s future

You may not have even dreamed that technology will reach this level. Watch the Above clip, can you guess the clip from where it could be taken? You should be asking that it is a photo of Elephants taken by someone on an HD camera.

Whatever you guess may be, it is wrong. Because this clip or a photo is not taken by someone on an HD camera.
This is a clip of a video made by Sora AI.

It is a revolutionary technology that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to transform video creation. With Sora AI, you can effortlessly translate your written descriptions into realistic and imaginative video scenes. 
It is almost impossible to tell the difference between what is real and what is computer-generated.

OpenAI unveiled Sora on February 15, 2024, currently in a closed beta phase, accessible only to artists and ethical hackers for creative experimentation and security evaluations. This controlled setting ensures responsible development before it’s widely released.

Note: This article includes AI-generated sections for accuracy, all reviewed and edited by human experts.

What is Sora Ai and how does it work?

Now, creating videos doesn’t require a camera. You can generate videos with just a keyboard in mere minutes. All of this has become possible today, because of Sora AI.

It is a revolutionary technology that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to transform video creation. With Sora AI, you can effortlessly translate your written descriptions into realistic and imaginative video scenes.

It is an Artificial Intelligence software, developed by openAI.The same company that shocked the world 1.5 years ago, when they launched CHAT-GPT.

In chat GPT, you talk text-to-text with AI. You write something in the text to send AI. And the answer comes back to text. After that, OpenAI launched the DaLL-E software. The text to the photo. You write text and send it to what kind of photo you want to generate. And you get an AI-generated photo. 

And now this SORA AI is text to video. Write in simple English language. What kind of video do you want to generate? And it will give you that.

Chat GPT uses tokens on one side and SORA on the other uses equivalent patches. The text you ask from chat GPT is distributed to tokens and the answer is also given through tokens. SORA AI also is to understand photos and videos and it is distributed to visual data in visual patches.

And while making its output it uses visual patches to make a video.While making films, what needs to be filmed for weeks when AI can give you footage of the film in a few minutes?

Capabilities and Limitations:

what Sora AI can do?

Sora AI is capable of generating text-to-video. For example, As you say that I want a video of a young person. Who is reading a book sitting on a cloud? You write this and send it. So SORA AI will make a video in response in a few, minutes. As in many videos, there is a text prompt in all of them. Some of them are long and some are small.

Tech Brain

But SORA AI can not only generate text-to-video but also photo-to-video. If you want to convert any photo into a video, input the photo in SORA AI, then the video will come out. 

Not only that, it is also possible to do video to video. 

The original The video is going on a car road here. And you prompt it to change the environment around it. I want the 19th and 20th century to start. But keep the red color of the car. So this video is the one that comes out of this video. 

Source: AI Art Explorer


At first glance, you will definitely feel that this technology has reached perfection. But if you look at it closely, you will see that it is not 100% perfect yet. No doubt this is a great technology, it is unbeatable but not yet 100% perfect.

Why I am saying this? Because in the videos I showed you look at them carefully.

The man who is reading the book looks at how the wind is moving the pages of this book in the wrong direction.

In the video of an astronaut walking, look at how his walking speed increases suddenly.

Tech Brain

So, today, these are the minor details based on which it is possible to detect if a video is AI-generated or a video taken in real life.But the speed with which this technology is improving, I don’t think that one year later, it would be possible to detect this anymore.

OpenAI openly acknowledges the weakness of Sora AI on its website.

”These AI-generated videos sometimes fail to apply physics of the real world.”


Use Cases and Applications:

Sora AI will be used by many industries like Film industries, Game industries, advertising, and video production and also will be used in Marketing.

The good thing will be that we will see democratization in all these fields. These fields will become more accessible to the common people.

If your dream was to become a film producer, but you didn’t have the money or the equipment, now you will get the opportunity to show your creativity through Sora AI without these resources.

Now even an IT employee will get the opportunity to become a good filmmaker. A musician will get the opportunity to make music videos without spending a lot.

One thing is clear here, whether you like this technology or not, it cannot be ignored. All people and all governments have to learn to adapt to this new world.

Many governments around the world have already started taking proactive steps. In Singapore’s parliament recently one of their MPs gave a speech on Sora AI a few days ago.

Kanagaraj C S

The politician’s name is Tan Wu Meng.He said that the Singapore government has launched a new subsidy to adapt to the new AI developments.Interestingly, the government of Singapore has started talking about AI in 2019.

In the latest budget for 2024, the government of Singapore has pledged to invest $1 billion in AI.

Singapore’s govt.

So this will be my suggestion to you. The sooner you learn to adapt to this changing world, the more benefits will you reap.

Job displacement:

Which jobs will Sora AI remove?

The jobs related to film and video game designers, Animators, graphic designers, Stock photo platforms, stock video platforms, advertising, and marketing will be affected the most.

Impacts on the film industry?

Forget expensive sets and camera crews! Sora AI, a revolutionary “text-to-video AI” by OpenAI, lets you create realistic video scenes just by describing them. This game-changer is shaking up the film industry:

  • Democratizing filmmaking: Aspiring creators, no longer limited by technical barriers, can bring their visions to life from their homes.
  • Streamlining pre-production: Quickly visualize scenes and experiment with camera angles, saving valuable time and resources.

Last year, the director of the Avengers film, Joe Russo, famously said that,

“AI Could Be Making Movies in Two “Years”.It Will Engineer and Change Storytelling.

Joe Russo

According to a Forbes article,

“Filmmaker Tyler Perry was going to spend $800 million to expand the studio. But as soon as Sora AI was released, he stopped his studio expansion.”


After all, what is the need for a studio, if AI makes videos for us? This means that different jobs across different industries are at risk of being eliminated.

Impacts on the gaming industry:

The video games that took years to make, needed teams of more than 100 people, Now how easily the same tasks can be done with this. Sora AI has the ability to generate video games much faster than any other software.

Effects on cinematographer:

The cinematographer who needed many days to make 2- 2-minute long stock footage, and earned money by selling it, or the VFX artist who made the NPCs for major gaming companies. These jobs are at a high risk of being eliminated.

A Picture of a Cinematographer Affected by Sora AI

Negative Effects of Sora AI:

The people in the open know this, the day these videos become so real that no human eye will be able to differentiate between these. That day, huge problems will be created.

Fake news would be spread so easily. Perhaps, this is the reason why Sora AI has not been released to the public yet. It is being tested by Red Teamers for security concerns. This means that it is in the testing phase.

Red teamers refer to those people from Cyber Security, who behave like attackers. Their job is to find the weaknesses of the system. 

But even if it could be released to the public, it could be possible to manipulate photos and videos of any real person because that will always be a major security risk of people using it to make fake videos of any politician and that could cause election interference.

How can we Detect AI Videos:

A technological solution can also be created for these problems. An Al whose job is to identify AI-generated videos. OpenAI has said that the videos generated by Sora AI would have a watermark on them. With that watermark, you can always identify whether a video is AI-generated or not.


Sora AI” stands at the precipice of a revolution, blurring the lines between imagination and reality. As it evolves, one thing is certain: the future of video creation holds limitless possibilities. Stay tuned to witness what unfolds…

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Is Sora AI available to the public?

No, OpenAI’s Sora is not currently available to the public. The text-to-video AI model is in a closed beta phase, with access granted to researchers and Red teamers. This allows OpenAI to test Sora’s capabilities and identify potential risks before releasing it more widely.

What is Sora ai alternatives?

The alternatives for Sora are Runway-Gen-2, Lumiere, Make-a-Video, and Deepomatic Studio.

What is the Sora AI release date?

OpenAI’s unveiled Sora on February 15, 2024, is in a closed beta, with access limited to artists and ethical hackers for creative exploration and security testing.

Does Sora AI have an app?

No, there is currently no publicly available app for Sora. The AI model is accessible through OpenAI’s closed beta program

How to use Sora Ai for free?

Yes, OpenAI offers a free tier to try Sora AI’s basic features. It may have limitations, but it’s a good way to test it out.

What is Sora AI’s price?

Since Sora AI is in a closed beta phase, there isn’t a publicly announced pricing structure yet.

Is Sora an AI video generator?

Yes, Sora is indeed an AI video generator developed by OpenAI. It takes textual descriptions and transforms them into realistic video content.

How does Sora AI impact on video industry?

Sora AI is a potential game-changer for video creation. It could streamline workflows by generating videos from text, but its impact on video editing jobs remains to be seen.

Which jobs will Sora AI remove?

The jobs related to film and video game designers, Animators, graphic designers, Stock photo platforms, stock video platforms, advertising, and marketing will be affected the most.

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